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WeatherMAX 80 Fabric

Super high strength and durability combine with long-term color retention to deliver a truly versatile outdoor fabric for a variety of applications. Weathermax 80 is one of the industry’s most balanced and cost-effective fabrics available for marine covers and tops, awnings, or other outdoor applications requiring outstanding durability, higher water repellence and excellent breathability.

  • WeatherMAX 80 is available in 22 colors
  • Each roll is 60 in. wide x 75 yd.  @ 8.0 oz. sq./yd.
  • Lighter, more water resistant and less stretch than other leading fabrics
  • 10 year warranty
  • High performance solution dyed cover fabric

WeatherMAX SG

WeatherMAX SG starts with the worldwide proven performance and durability of solution-dyed WeatherMAX 80 with an added soft backing to provide an extra level of scratch and scuff resistance for high end surfaces.

Most soft-backed outdoor fabrics use an inexpensive needle-punch polyester, which creates a felt-like soft backing but also collects and holds dirt and contaminants that can cause scratching. These low-cost backings also absorb and hold water, creating a multitude of issues. WeatherMAX SG uses a flannel-like backing, that it is less bulky and does not entangle contaminants like a needle-punched polyester.

·     No scratch soft backing

·     Breathable

·     Water resistant

·     Finished with HydroMAX for water-shedding

·     5 Year warranty

weathermax sg

The industry has been asking for a ¾” & 1” double fold bias binding, made out of the same WeatherMax80 fabric, for overall match in color and fabric weave/look on the cover application.

Binding comes with the same high strength & durability as the WeatherMax80 fabric.

  • We carry 9 colors that match Weathermax fabrics
  • Excellent color retention and weatherability
  • Double fold edge gives a finished and attractive look
  • Sold by the spool – 100 yards per spool
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