Bainbridge sailcloth has always been at the forefront of technical developments for the sailmaking industry

From the first synthetic mainsail fabric in the 1930’s or the first to use Dacron in 1953, to the introduction of state-of-the-art Kevlar laminates in 1982, the history and success of Bainbridge sailcloth is one of continuous technical development.

Developments in sailcloth over recent decades has concentrated on increasing performance, durability and value across the range of fabrics for cruising and racing. The HSX-P (Ripstop Performance) and SPX Wovens are recent examples of this.

We are also a leading supplier of accessory products that are used in sailmaking; from thread, webbing, and luff tape to stainless steel rings, sail slides and battens.

AIR-X Spinnaker Sailcloth
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