SPX is a range of durable sailcloth utilizing the latest weaving and finish techniques to deliver consistent quality, reliability and performance. It features tightly woven yarns with UV protection throughout. SPX incorporates high tenacity polyester across the range, whilst still providing ease of handling. Within the SPX range there are different constructions and colors suitable for a wide range of sail applications. Designed and made in Europe.

  • Near parity strength in warp and fill ‘balances’ the cloth and make it suitable for low aspect sail designs
  • SPX Balanced is produced to suit a larger variety of sail applications and features high tenacity yarns for strength and durability
 CountDenierdpiFinished Weight 
 WFWFWFg/m²Sm OzPart No.
SPX 4251186215025219724174241703.9FWP042500
SPX 5251064725230029657156482235.2FWP052500
SPX 6251034525250028804249772786.5FWP062500
SPX 7251884825250033071268333257.6FWP072500
SPX 825804045075040000333333648.5FWP082500
SPX 925803845084640000357204159.7FWP092500
SPX 102558357501000483143888945110.6FWP102500


 CountDenierdpiFinished Weight 
 WFWFWFg/m²Sm OzPart No.
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