Plastimo water tanks

Upgrade Your Onboard Water Storage with Plastimo’s Flexible Water Tanks

Are you tired of dealing with rigid water tanks that just don’t fit your boat’s shape? Look no further! Plastimo’s high resistance flexible water tanks are here to revolutionize your onboard fresh water storage.
✅ Reliable & Practical: Plastimo’s flexible water tanks are designed with convenience in mind. They’re reliable, practical, and provide a low-cost solution for your water storage needs.
✅ Flexible & Form-Fitting: These tanks are incredibly flexible, lightweight, and form-fitting. This means you can install them in places where rigid tanks simply wouldn’t fit due to your boat’s shape or limited access.
✅ Easy Maintenance: Thanks to the double-envelope construction, you can easily remove the inner chamber from the outer envelope for routine cleaning and examination. Say goodbye to the hassle of cleaning hard-to-reach corners.
✅ Tested & Patented: Plastimo’s water tanks have a patented design featuring welded non-porous tasteless PU water chamber (inner bladder) housed within a tough nylon envelope. This ensures complete watertightness and impressive resistance to tearing and abrasion.
✅ Variety of Sizes & Shapes: Choose from wide variety of sizes and shapes to perfectly suit your needs, no matter the space constraints, Plastimo has a flexible water tank that’ll fit like a glove.
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