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Bainbridge locations now stocking weatherMAX 80

Super high strength and durability combine with long-term color retention to deliver a truly versatile outdoor fabric for a variety of applications. Weathermax 80 is one of the industry’s most balanced and cost-effective fabrics available for marine covers and tops, awnings, or other outdoor applications requiring outstanding durability, higher water repellence and excellent breathability.

  • WeatherMAX 80 is available in 22 colors
  • Each roll is 60 in. wide x 75 yd.  @ 8.0 oz. sq./yd.
  • Lighter, more water resistant and less stretch than other leading fabrics
  • 10 year warranty
  • High performance solution dyed cover fabric

A high technology furler meeting the performance demands of cruisers & racers worldwide!

Karver manufactures high end and innovative continuous line furlers and accessories for all the front sails: staysails, code sails, asymmetrical sails. The performance of these furlers matches with the high expectations of sailing customers, allowing faster speeds with the least effort possible, in the safest and most reliable way.

Free flying sail furlers (upwind sails, downwind sails, staysails …) A free flying sail furler enables you to furl all of your front sails (which are not meant to stay up 100% of the time). The most common sails used with a furler are downwind Code sails, providing more performance in light winds. Extreme simplicity! Cruisers or racers, the KF furler will make your life simpler.

Free flying sail furlers for all your straight luff front sail AND asymmetrical spinnaker. An independent swivel on top of the drum is designed for the attachment of the tack. With this swivel, the sail will start furling from the top. The KSF furlers can be installed in just minutes.

The KFX structural furlers are typically custom made to order ensuring a perfect fit for each yacht. KFX furlers are available as continuous line or single line furling system


For technical details on Karver sailing products please view their catalog or visit www.karver-systems.com

A full range of sailing winches meeting expectations of racers but also blue-water cruisers and families who can enjoy the power developed to grind without forcing!

The KSW is an innovative 4-speed automatic winch and very performance-oriented: 2 speeds identical to other winches on the market and 2 additional ultra-fast speeds.

At the maneuver, the difference is just incredible: the rope is grinded 6 times faster than a winch of similar size. Many sailors have already adopted and gain distance at each maneuver: hosting sails, gybing, tacking, ... These manual winches are so fast that it is no longer necessary to take the slack of the rope. The maneuvers are safe and fast, flap in the sail is diminished, the boat loses less speed, 6 times faster = 6 times less turn to give. The KSW is simply the fastest winch on the market!

The KPW is an innovative 4-speed automatic winch and very (very) performance oriented: 2 speeds identical to other winches on the market and 2 extra speeds extremely powerful ... 3 times more powerful than any other winch on the market. For example, the KPW110 has the same dimensions as a winch of 40 (base 170 mm) but the power of a winch 2 to 3 times bigger. But what will you do with so much power? The answer is easy: 3 times more power also means 3 times less effort to pull a similar load. In other words, the KPW simply makes navigation a lot less physical and more enjoyable. The KPW is so powerful that it becomes a real alternative to electric winches. The sea becomes accessible to all.

The KCW is an ultra-compact 2-speed winch for sailboats up to 40 feet (12 meters). It is the only winch on the market to offer both a very fast speed (1st speed) and a very powerful speed (2nd speed). Hosting a main sail or a tacking will seem particularly easy! It replaces any winch up to size 40. It is more than time to switch for a Compact!

The KCW45 is nominated for the innovation & design award DAME AWARDS 2019 (International marine equipment trade show / Amsterdam)

For technical details on Karver sailing products please view their catalog or visit www.karver-systems.com