Bainbridge International Inc., based in Canton MA. and with locations in Huntington Beach CA. and Pompano Beach FL., is pleased to now also be able to represent the outstanding line of PONTOS winches in the USA & Canada.

PONTOS winches are based on a unique epicyclic gear-train allied to automatic load detection technology. Depending on the choice of model, this approach can offer either 3x more power or 6x more speed compared to all other winches on the market. This technology is of course protected by multiple patents.

Racers gain speed in tacks, gybes, hoist and furling. It is no coincidence that 15 competitors in the 2018 Route du Rhum starting on November 4th, will be utilizing PONTOS winches.

The phenomenal power of the PONTOS winch allows you to maneuver effortlessly and without the use of electric winch assistance. Current assessments indicate that approx. 25% of the inhabitants of both the European countries and the United States suffer from some level of osteoarthritis. Installation of PONTOS winches would be very effective in making the practice of sailing less physically demanding and much more accessible to them. The use of PONTOS winches for the first time invariably causes a “wow” effect like no other, regardless of skill level or experience!

Michael C. Cuscia – Bainbridge International Inc. CEO: “Pontos winches continue to be one of the pre-eminent product lines of state-of-the art sailing hardware. Here at Bainbridge, we truly value the opportunity and will be working hard to spread the word across North America and represent the products at both grass roots level and at high profile events such as Newport and Annapolis International Boat Shows and as a co-sponsor of the 2018 Charleston Race Week, The 2018 Atlantic Cup Class 40 offshore race and the 2018 Chester Race Week in Nova Scotia.”

Please visit the Pontos website or contact Dave King for more information:

Email: dking@bainbridgeintusa.com
Tel: 781 821-2600
Fax: 781 821-2609


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