Plastimo Dan Buoy: Your Lifeline at Sea!

Stay Safe at Sea with the Plastimo Inflatable IOR Dan Buoy!
Don’t compromise on your safety while sailing! Introducing the Plastimo Inflatable IOR Dan Buoy – the ultimate Man Over Board (MOB) visibility solution. Providing an impressive 150 N buoyancy, this white canister buoy is a must-have for every sailor.
Key Features:
✅ Adjustable Webbing Sling Seat: allows the person in the water to rest comfortably while waiting for rescue.
✅ Grab Handle: quick and easy handling for a swift MOB recovery.
✅ 0.75 cd Automatic Flashlight: with an 8-hour battery life and a reliable lithium battery, it ensures you remain visible even in low-light conditions.
✅ Eye-Catching Flag: the red and yellow flag (12.6″ x 7.87″ ) is highly visible, attracting attention to the MOB situation.
✅ Reflective Tapes: featuring 31″sq. of retro-reflective tapes for enhanced visibility during nighttime or low visibility situations.
✅ Signaling Whistle: alert nearby vessels of your presence and urgency.
✅ Rigid Ballast with V-Shaped Batten Structure: offers excellent stability, acting like a keel to keep you steady in rough waters.
✅ Drogue Anchor: Sized at 11″ x11″, it helps resist drifting and keeps you within reach until help arrives.
Made from durable yellow nylon with a polyurethane coating, this inflatable dan buoy stands tall at 6.5′ above water when fully inflated. Its quality construction ensures it can withstand the harshest marine conditions, providing you with peace of mind on your adventures.
Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a passionate sea enthusiast, the Plastimo Inflatable IOR Dan Buoy is a crucial addition to your safety gear collection. Don’t compromise on your well-being; invest in the best. ⚓
Stay safe, stay prepared! Get your Plastimo Dan Buoy today and sail with confidence.
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