Pattern x-2

Pattern X-2  is light-weight, recyclable polyurethane fabric that works great as pattern material. Pattern x-2 is high- density PE scrim, coated on both sides with a low density PE clear coating.

It is extra strong and provides added resistance to tears & punctures when pulled over frame, while translucent for use in patterning. It is dimensionally stable , so it is again ideal as a pattern material for both indoor or outdoor applications.

* Double coated film
* Dimensionally stable woven Polyethylene
* FP087-144 is centerfolded to ship by UPS or van at 72”

Part #: FP085-72
Length: 72” x 100 yard rolls*
Part #: FP087-144
Length: 144” x 50 yard rolls folded
Material: Woven Polyethylene
Colors: Natural/Translucent Only

Pattern Fabric Material
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