The Karver Sailing Furler

A high technology furler meeting the performance demands of cruisers & racers worldwide!

Karver manufactures high end and innovative continuous line furlers and accessories for all the front sails: staysails, code sails, asymmetrical sails. The performance of these furlers matches with the high expectations of sailing customers, allowing faster speeds with the least effort possible, in the safest and most reliable way.

Free flying sail furlers (upwind sails, downwind sails, staysails …) A free flying sail furler enables you to furl all of your front sails (which are not meant to stay up 100% of the time). The most common sails used with a furler are downwind Code sails, providing more performance in light winds. Extreme simplicity! Cruisers or racers, the KF furler will make your life simpler.

Free flying sail furlers for all your straight luff front sail AND asymmetrical spinnaker. An independent swivel on top of the drum is designed for the attachment of the tack. With this swivel, the sail will start furling from the top. The KSF furlers can be installed in just minutes.

The KFX structural furlers are typically custom made to order ensuring a perfect fit for each yacht. KFX furlers are available as continuous line or single line furling system


For technical details on Karver sailing products please view their catalog or visit www.karver-systems.com

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