Kai Shears

In the game of “Rock, Paper, Scissors”, there is an obvious winner.

The KAI V7000 Series is a new range of high quality stainless steel shears from Japan.
  • Patented duplex interlocking screw that prevents it from becoming loose.
  • Winner of the IF design award.
  • Matte Finish.

Let’s Cut To The Chase

4 Options To Fit Anyone’s Needs

KAI 7240as
  • Part No. C7240ASM
  • 9.5” / 24cm
  • Optimal for aramid fabrics and Polycarbonate sheet
KAI 7250
  • Part No. C7250
  • 10.0” / 25.5cm.
KAI 7280
  • Part No. C7280
  • 11.0” / 28cm.
KAI 7300
Part No. C7300
12.0” / 30.5cm
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