Bainbridge Nauti Carbon Pole®

Discover the Ultimate Marine Awning Innovation!

Bainbridge Nauti Carbon Pole®
Bainbridge Nauti Carbon Poles
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Telescopic (56-92”)
  • 1.5” Diameter
  • Stainless O-Ring
  • Adjustment Clamp
  • Fits Rod Holders
  • Additional Tension Strap Not Required
  • Part # G549NAUTBK

 Tired of struggling with complex shade setups? Say goodbye to the hassle!

Our Bainbridge Nauti Carbon Poles® are designed to simplify your life on the water, making shade deployment a breeze! 

 What sets us apart? 

– Quick & Easy Installation: With a simple design, you can deploy your shade in seconds, thanks to just one line manipulation!

– No Tension Straps Needed: Tie the awning line directly to your boat’s cleat or grab rail, eliminating the need for counter-tension straps. Less tension, more peace of mind!

– Versatility at Its Finest: Our poles boast with a wider deployment range of 56”-98”, making them ideal for both bow oraft shade pole!

– Perfect for Various Uses: Whether you need Marine Awnings, Shade Sails, Bow Shades, or more, Nauti Carbon Poles® have got you covered!

We are proud to share that the Bainbridge Nauti Carbon Poles® have been awarded the title of “The Show Stopper” at the 2022 Advanced Textiles Expo! -This recognition is a testament to our commitment to excellence in product design and functionality.

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