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Inventor of a new generation of hydrogenerator

Bainbridge is a proud distributor of watt&sea hydrogenerators, offering a key solution to produce energy offshore. While respectful of the environment, they offer the best system for cruising or racing with freedom and safety.

Resulting from the experience of a consortium of veteran sailors and large industrial groups such as Leroy Somer, they are designed and manufactured in France with high quality materials. Used by the best sailors, in the most extreme seas of the globe, the Watt&Sea hydrogenerator is recognized around the world as the most advanced and efficient!

Watt&sea strengths

Hydrogenerators that use the speed of the sailboat to turn an immersed propeller. Covered by a 2 year warranty, they are the most powerful, reliable and lightest available.

  • 120W production (10A in 12 Vcc) from 5 knots
  • Large range adapted to many sailboats and speeds
  • Ultra light thanks to the brushless alternator developed with Leroy Somer
  • Propeller is behind the leg, protected from UFO
  • Hydrodynamic design : unperceivable drag, not affecting boat speed
  • Very silent for everybody‚Äôs comfort
  • Fast and easy to use thanks to a system like on rudder equipped with a cam-cleat

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